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Published by Ben on May 02, 2012

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You already know you want a result that looks fabulous and works for your family. But staying on budget, finishing on time and finding professionals you trust is important to.

From cheaper brand name fixtures at big box stores that aren’t the same as what the plumber buys to professional looking renovation firms that intentionally leave things out of the scope of work just to come back to charge a 300 per cent fee on extras. You can navigate through the murky waters of finding trustworthy professionals so you can relax and rest assured you will get what you want at a fair price.

Call it due diligence or best practices, there are several concrete steps you can take to protect yourself from the many renovation construction pit falls. Outlined here are what we provide but any contractor you interview should be ready to provide you with at any time.

What we provide is the most complete process for renovations in the industry. Before we start a project, we provide:

  • Copies of Licenses, Bonds Insurance & References.
  • Job Scope, detailing all included products & services.
  • Detailed plan layouts, perspective drawings and elevations.
  • A contract showing start dates, estimated completion dates & total price.
  • Pricing is by a contract amount based on your selections, that only change if you change them. We prefer not to do a cost plus because this usually leaves the selection process until after a contract is signed leaving a greater possibility for upgrades and going over budget.
  • Design fees are per hour or set fees based on percentage of est. project costs. 
  • Consultation for your renovation to discuss project scope and ideas is complimentary, once we begin the drawing stage a retainer is arranged.

We provide a ‘professional trade day’ prior to pricing as well. Our licensed trades quote on your specific ‘renovation scope’ after viewing your home. A trade day gives us a chance to ‘trouble shoot’ any unforeseen challenges your home might have, by having our trades inspect your site prior to pricing.

We are working on raising the bar and reinventing renovations!

Your gorgeous finished renovation will match every detail of your vision—and it won’t be a cent above your budget.


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