Creative Thinking is Integrative Thinking

Published by Ben on December 19, 2011

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In an economy where style is king, we all need to start thinking and acting more like design.

At the Rotman School Of Management they are teaching that thinking like a designer thinks, can be applied to all components of business too.

'Great design is characterized by a deep understanding of the user, creative resolution of tensions, collaborative prototyping and continuous modification and enhancement of ideas and solutions.  Great design is characterized by Integrative Thinking. The application of these principles to business practices is what we call Business Design.

Whether the goal is to develop new products or services, create new ways of marketing to customers or  reinvent an entire business model, ‘design thinking’ helps get bigger ideas, faster and more efficiently. We believe the mindset and methods behind great design are the same ingredients for successful Business Design.  By incorporating the 'design experience' into our curriculum, we offer students a unique and valuable opportunity to learn new ways to tackle complex challenges in deeper and more holistic ways'.

In a recent interview in Toronto, Martin asserted that real value creation now comes from using the designer's foremost competitive weapon, his imagination, to peer into a mystery -- a problem that we recognize but don't understand -- and to devise a rough solution that explains it. "For any company that chooses to innovate, the foremost challenge is this," Martin says. "Are you willing to step back and ask, 'What's the problem we're trying to solve?' Well, that's what designers do: They take on a mystery, some abstract challenge, and they try to create a solution."

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