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Published by Ben on April 28, 2015

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Hood vents perform an important function in the kitchen and they can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Technically they are a capture area for smoke and fumes and should be powered sufficiently enough to extract whatever your cooking appliance can throw at it. The amount of CFM (cubic feet per minute) the blower has is related to the amount of BTU (British Thermal Unit) the cooking surface can produce. The higher the BTU output the more CFM is needed to extract it. The cook top or range you use comes with a recommend CFM amount and distance for clearances to any combustible materials. As long as the recommended clearances are followed the hood canopy can be made of any type of material both flammable or non flammable. The building codes in your area will vary from place to place but will require a make up air system installed when your CFM extractor reaches a certain limit to replace the air the unit is extracting from your home.

Hood or canopy designs follow the style of your kitchen or home and there's no limit to the creative expression possible. You are invited to please browse our latest Houzz gallery. Extending our home renovation project galleries in Houzz. This gallery is specific to custom kitchen venting hood designs. These hood designs are all part of K.D.G. Renovations portfolio of new home and renovation projects.



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