Custom ventilation Hoods continue to be a favorite with our clients.

Published by Ben on May 02, 2012

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A vent hood doesn't have to look like all the others in fact they are an opportunity to be creative. Being functional and beautiful goes hand in hand when they are conceived by the designer and constructed by an experienced metal smith.Coordinating the form and function insures a proper integration into the kitchen making it a unique one of a kind centre piece and making sure it does the job of venting properly according to your needs and appliance recommendations. 

Vent hoods are an integral part of any kitchen and usually the most misunderstood. Often most vent hoods are under powered for today's high output cook tops and ranges and can be over powered for the average situations. Because of building code requirements for CFM (cubic feet per minute) ratings, most builders and contractors recommend keeping the power of vent blowers to the bare minimum to avoid having to build in make up air systems in the homes. And there are no requirements only recommendations for the amount of CFM that should be installed with many high BTU appliances. 

Building codes are concerned with fire code requirements (the distance above cook top to flammable material) and building inspectors will check to see if the vent is over the minimum CFM to insure that there is a make up air system to accommodate it. As a result many vents are under powered for high BTU appliances even though they have followed all the codes, they haven't necessarily followed the recommendations.

KDG continues to provide a wide range of custom hoods designed specifically for the clients and kitchens they are going into, and are equivalent in cost to comparable appliance store models. Many models are available for viewing on the web site gallery and remember yours doesn't have to look like all the others it can be uniquely your own. At KDG we don't settle for standard, we are busy raising the bar.


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