A guide through the renovation process

Published by Ben on May 25, 2015

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For many homeowners, navigating through a successful renovation begins with determining the scope of the project. This outline is to help you and your contractor narrow down the project and options.

  • Make a list of the rooms or areas that will be part of the scope of work.
  • List the items to be changed in each area. It’s useful to list the changes as they would progress through the renovation such as – demolition, waste removal, make any mechanical changes to heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical, and new components to finish off this section.
  • Each new item will need to be identified as to the product to be used, supplier and cost.
  • It is important to have all your products decided on and ordered before starting a project, because not having them ready can cause confusion, delays, extra costs and ultimately disappointments later on.
  • Plan to move to the basement or find other accommodations while renovations are going on.


Many factors that reflect your lifestyle needs to be taken into account to balance your choices. What has worked for one home doesn't always work for another. This is the dilemma faced by anyone embarking on the varied and complex choices they need to make before starting their renovation. To help you make those decisions here are some things to consider.

  • Knowing the features and benefits of the materials in each area needs to be considered not only for their individual characteristics but how they will suit your own unique needs. Is your home high traffic or minimum, are there pets?
  • Are you the type of person that can make these decisions on your own or do you prefer help. Some people have a hard time visualizing the finished product as a whole or can get side tracked by the features or attractions of certain products leading to confusion and delays.
  • Keeping things on track is important; you need to think about how this will impact other people in your life (and their choices) as well as your schedule and budget.
  • To keep things on track it helps to remember your intentions and reasons for starting the project in the first place. Keeping in mind it only needs to be right for your needs not your friends or neighbours.

With so many things riding on the outcome most people choose to hire someone to help them make all the decisions to reduce the risks. While there is never a complete right or wrong way unfortunately you don't really know the impact of those choices until it is all done.

Hiring a home improvement professional can actually save you money because they can steer you clear of costly pitfalls or mistakes and guide you to products that have better value propositions, while keeping an eye on the 'big picture'.



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