KDG partners with Riva's The Eco Store

Published by Ben on December 01, 2011

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Sustainability and Eco Friendly products are on everyone's minds these days not to mention 'just doing things right'. I believe they are one in the same. Building sustainably and without toxic by products is just the right thing to do. It's both our moral and ethical responsibility not to  endanger our environment or fellow humans.

Riva's Eco Store is Calgary's premier retailer for sustainable and eco friendly products for personal and home use. Ranging from clothing, bedding, children's toys,  house wares and building products. Their assessment categories include Health & Wellness, Labor Ethics, Farming and Forestry Practices, Product Lifecycle, Manufacturing and Processing Practices. They also try to work with Local companies as much as possible, and  look for well designed products that are built to last and made to be loved.

KDG is excited to be one of those local companies supplying EcoPlus cabinetry as one of Riva's building product lines. Eco Plus Cabinets by Merit, is an environmentally sensitive product line that was originally crafted over a decade ago to meet one of the most demanding standards in the world – the Japanese indoor air quality regulation. Eco Plus was awarded the highest rating – the coveted 4 stars – guaranteeing it to be healthier for homes, businesses, and the environment as a whole. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite product for Green building projects and environmentally savvy consumers.


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