LED Lighting Adds A New Dimension To Lighting Spaces

Published by Ben on March 27, 2015

Tags: bathroom design, home improvements, interior design, kitchen design, renovations, space planning.

Sometimes you want to see the light, but not the light fixture. Fixtures can be hard to coordinate or blend into a space. Pot lights don't always line up where you want and can cause glare. While LED has come a long way since it was first introduced, it can be integrated into the architecture, hidden out of sight and create a superior light that can be appropriate for any task. In the past lighting has typically created as much shadow as it has light giving hot spots that localize the light into tight narrow areas. When LED strp lighting is hidden along the edge of the ceiling or wall it floods the space with light by using the surfaces around it as a diffuser giving off an even consistent light in the entire space. You can competely control the amount of light with dimmers and you have a wide choice of cool or warm whites and a raindow of colours available. Well placed lighting can make all the difference for rooms with little or no windows, spaces in the middle of the house or lower levels especially. And in our part of the world where night fall comes early during the winter a good lighting plan can replace what a skylight might do during the summer. 


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