Planning your space is a personal affair, just like your wardrobe.

Published by Ben on September 23, 2011

Tags: Fung Shui, home improvements, space planning

Your space should feel like you just wrapped yourself up in your favorite blanket. That's how it should make you feel. What Fung Shui teaches is that a location or space is either auspicious or inauspicious, favorable or unfavorable. And this is achieved by how and what you do to your space.

You might remember a moment when you walked into a grungy gas station washroom, and turned right around again, definitely inauspicious. Compare that with a memory of walking onto a beautiful sunlit garden terrace, definitely auspicious. What you do to your living space and how you do it has a profound effect on the way it makes you feel, affecting your well being.

Simply put that is the Fung Shui principle in a nut shell.

Putting this into practice is a science and an art? It is the creation of your living area using both. Not to delve too deeply into Fung Shui because some practitioners spend a lifetime perfecting it, taking into account your astrological sign, earth elements and directions on the compass to accomplish the perfect balance.

We just need to know that your space will work for you on a functional and emotional level.

By having an understanding of the mechanics of your kitchen and bathroom, combined with the knowledge of what appliances and fixtures can do for you is how  they become to really benefit you and your lifestyle. Combining the science with the aesthetic is the art. Turning that ordinary box into something that elevates your spirit every time you walk in.


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