Renovations + Design

Kitchen & Bathroom


Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience we work closely with you to create your own unique kitchen or bathroom renovation.

With our help your kitchen or bathroom can be so much better utilized using the space you have and we'll bring out the flair that better reflects your personal lifestyle and taste.

Visit our gallery to see many examples of our extraordinary work showing there's no challenge we can't overcome. 

Complete Home Renovations


Our expertise extends throughout the entire home from basement developments to full interior/exterior home renovations. Efficient space planning can extend to all area's of your home while including design elements that bring them to life.

From redesigning and building the latest fireplaces to state of the art entertainment centres or theater rooms to wine rooms and family rooms you will enjoy for years to come.

Our team of professional trades are there to make sure all work is done right from the start, while we keep an eye on your budget and timeline. 

Our Process


We are 'hands on' throughout the entire project. Whether you know exactly what you want or need our help designing and selecting materials we guide you through each step. We take the guess work out of the process so you can relax and enjoy watching your new home begin to take shape and become a reality.

We've grown our relationships with trusted trades and suppliers that we know can deliver the quality and reliablity you expect. Whether the project is big or small you can choose from premium quality kitchen & bathroom cabinets, along with flooring, tiles, counters, hardware, plumbing products, lighting and much more (Eco Plus LEED certified available). 

We purchase products wholesale through our established suppliers so our customers save, and that makes us competative without comprimising quality. Call us today and find out how easy your dream renovation can become a reality.


During the initial visit to your home, we explore how we can maximize the given space and brainstorm design options.

As no two homes have the same floor plan, we see each project as a one-off design. Your home has it's own unique challenges, our initial visit is crucial in coming up with the best design solution.

The initial meet and greet consultation is complimentary. 

Plans + Project Scope

Whether your personal style is modern or traditional creating a design to reflect its owner is an art we think is vital to a successful remodel. Capturing the perfect mood or nuance is a subtle skill that you will find builds excitment until the perfect plan is finalized. 

While we work with clients directly, we also collaborate with their own architects, professional decorators and interior designers.

Drawing up plans and creating a project scope are subject to a nominal fee. Once a design footprint and project scope is agreed upon we will establish a final project cost.


In the words of one customer "the process is pretty simple, when you have guidance the whole way through". 

When the plans have taken shape you begin to see the project take on it's new form. Next, visiting supplier showrooms and/or choosing from samples is when your project starts to take on it's own feeling and character. 

Our suppliers cover everything from standard to custom finishes and materials, so you won't feel restricted on your selections or limited to the variety of your choices.

Demo + Build

KDG Renovations manages your project the entire way, from demolition to making sure every detail is completed according to plan. We coordinate all the appliances and fixtures to best line up with schedules and integrate into any construction elements they need to.

By being involved from the original concept, assisting with product selections, and overseeing through the construction process we are well equipped to see it to a satisfactory completion.

You will see your home transformed before your very eyes and then you'll come to realize the value of a KDG Renovation.

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